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On 28th October Jane's husband, Gary Wallis, along with a colleague in the JANE PACKER team, Charlotte Slade, ran a half marathon . The half marathon which takes place annually is named "Run With The Beat" and is organised by Nike. 

It was a very cold day and being amongst the "novice" runners Gary and Charlotte were obliged to freeze at the back of the starting group for what seemed like forever as the elite runners got underway first. It was at least a two mile run before they began to thaw out!

The course was really hilly and it seemed to the duo that they were running uphill all the way. In the end, the cold weather was a blessing as there was no danger of overheating and as it remained dry, actually perfect for this type of event. For the specatators it was a different story; Gary and Charlotte are very grateful to all the people who turned up on a Sunday morningto cheer them on. 

To track Gary's or Charlotte's run, go to

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To Charlotte  -  From Kim Lemon 
I have every faith that you can do it! If i finish first i will get the wine ready! xx
Go Gary !!!! Ps we will sponsor regardless of completing !!! pps Alan said it must be at least 100 yards i.e. distance to wine shop ( and back)
You walk to go and buy the wine! That's really impressive. Get it delivered! Our sponsorship is for starting not finishing. Very best of luck. Gavin
Wishing you both every success. Avril and Andrew, Broadbase
To Gary - From Martin Brown
Go...Go Mate get those hairey pins out xxx
I see it takes you through the delights of south London and happens to circle a railway line. A passport may be needed along with a rail ticket just in case you get all a jitter in Sarrfff London. Good Luck and Run Gary Run, or better still, Run Forest Run! Kx

From Janine Glantz -Good Luck Gary!

To Charlotte - From Sue & Hannah Wood
Go Charlotte

To both Gary and Charlotte We wish you the very best of luck. From all of us at FleuraMetz UK.

Go Charlotte! very best of luck to you and Gary! lauren x

Dearest Gary That is fantastic and a wonderful thing to do, wish you luck and hope to see you especially now the boys are back in London, Janet and Pom xx

Good luck Charlotte! So very proud of you for doing this, you will be fine....might just have to crawl up those hills! haha Best of luck - Faye xx

Good on you godfather Gary - put red wine in your water bottle and you'll fly round! Hector xxxx

Well done Garry - Sue Allen

To Charlotte - Good Luck - I know you can do it - Love Les and Clive

To Gary - From Alicette - Our thoughts are always with you.

To Gary - I thought the WIne Society delivered to Shellpits! Best of luck David

To Gary - From Ruth -  to borrow a phrase...YOU CAN DO IT! most impressed

Go Gary! Have no doubt that you will go the distance! Best of luck ........ lots of love from Hicks' clan xx

Yeah Gary!!!! Will it be the Olympics 2016 next? You will hear us cheering from Texas! Love Kerry and Clay

Charlotte we never thought we'd see the day. Go girl. Good luck love Anne, Kevin and Emma x

Gary, we are so impressed........walking here and there is a good option! xx Charlotte, Al, Cozzi, Olli and Poppy

To Gary - We have yet to meet, but heard much about you. We wish you all the best for the 28th. Enjoy the run - Alex & Vanessa Painter.

From Terrence Bramble -  Good luck to the both of you!!

Hi Charlotte Simply to wish you lots of luck for Sunday! Will be thinking of you... Rona x

I know you can do it, Gary! Best wishes, Barry

Good luck little bro, I will sponsor you for just putting your trainers on and making it to the start line on a Sunday morning ! Will be thinking of you. xxx

To Gary - Wishing you all the best ! See you at the finishing line...... N&G XXXXX

To Charlotte - Good Luck ! You are a Star ! N&G xxxxx

What a fantastic effort! Remembering Jane. Maria Woods. (Claire's Mum).

Yo bro, best of luck. I know you well, you will always succeed if you want it enough...and you do. Love you loads, Jx (3 peaks next year...ha ha ha)!

To Gary - Have every faith that you'll do it. Watch out Sarah Stradling!!!!!!!! Love Shirl xxx

To Charlotte - well done my little god daughter!!! im very proud, look forward to London marathon next lol xx

To Gary - SOOO impressed! I have absolutely no doubt you will complete with style & grace. With love to you all, Amber

Hi Gary Good luck and just think of how great you will feel after!! I hope all swell with you and the children. Hope to see you soon. Much love The Jobsons.

To Gary, From  Debby Barry - Well done Mr Wallis!! xxx

Gary MO Wallis, wine in the camelbak? well done! your a star, Jane would be proud, surprised!! Have to say I,m impressed with the attire, you look the part! Love Karen, Niall, Taidgh, Roisin xxxx