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Mike Smith Took on the Tough Mudder Challenge

Everyone who has been following Mike in his run up to taking on the Tough Mudder challenge, will be pleased to know that he completed the course in an outstanding 2 hours and 39 minutes, covering 12 miles and 22 obstacles. Mike commented "It was a great motivation to know that I had such brilliant support from friends and family and apart from being electrocuted twice it wasn't as bad as I thought." Well... there's modesty for you!

Left - Mike after his epic adventure

About The Tough Mudder

This event is a hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle course designed by British Special Forces to test all round strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie. This really is the toughest half marathon that was ever devised and was a real test of Mike's mental and physical endurance abilities. More information on the Tough Mudder can be found here.

Thanks to everyone for your kind support.  

Messages to Mike - 


Good Luck and thank you from everyone at The Jane Packer Foundation.


go get 'em, you're a tiger raaaar - Perry Headford


Good luck...and enjoy! - Rebecca Perman


Good luck mate oh and don't bring your dirty washing round our house!

- Ray, Loraine, and crew!


Good luck chum! - Shane Davies


Good luck Mike! -James Jones


You go, Mike; and pictures required as proof.- Ed Ferrel


Well done u massive gay. I'll give u a cuddle when u finish x - Russell Flanders


Good news, I'm off that weekend so shall enjoy coming to laugh at you / remind you of "your sense of achievement" - Lorna Judd


This challenge seems to involve lots of bossy people shouting at you. I can see why you chose it - perfect preparation for being the hubbie of Dr Laura! - Martin Hunter


Good luck, there are less extreme ways to prove settling down doesn't make you boring you know! X - Catherine Price


Can't be that hard..... ;-) - Sam Woodhouse


Good Luck Smudger. There are easier ways of proving your still a man despite hair loss. - Gary Spurgeon


Good luck! Can't wait to hear all about it. x - Michelle Petit


Good Luck! - Elana & James


Wish I was doing it with you, but couldn't get the training in!! No wimping out you pussy :-) Stuart Morris


Good luck Mike.. you better complete this otherwise your proper bent!! - Nicole Wheeler


Dear Rambo, Looking rather fit ! Lend you a flannel for the finish. Take care and have a muddy good time . Jane x


Nice one Cuz, best of Luck Cousin Dean


If you don't finish I'll loose what small speck of respect I have for you so dig deep dirt bag! P.s. good luck mate. - Dennis Weeks


I hope you have a lovely cuddle with all the big men in the muddy waters. - Paul Tait


mum says Good luck,Dad says if you do it Dads going to enter next year if its not too Muddy xxx


Thank you for choosing Jane's foundation are the best !!!! Go Mike !!! love Jill and Alan


Good luck Mike, hoping you prove you're not a southern softie hah! Jo xx

Always knew you were Special Forces material! Good luck Mark Dennison


Good effort mike, don't forget to show us the photo's. - Lesley College


Good Luck, Mr Smith! x x - Anna Devereaux


I really wanted to do it with you but I'm washing my hair that day - Maybe next year. All the best (You are gonna need it!) Dave Crud


Hey Mike, Sorry for the delay, its been a bit crazy on my side. Good luck buddy. - Jason Kelly


Let's hope all that yoga pays off! - Ed Currington


Good Luck you crazy boy. I'm very proud of you. I'll be there to cheer you on and take lots of pics x - Laura Evans


Apparently, the trick is that you have to just clear the mind and switch off - So, your training in the office will have paid off then! - Neil Heather


Good Luck Bruv, could be good for the complexion! All the best, Steve, T H O & M xxx


Mike you will look back one day and thank me :). Whatever you do please don't break anything, not because I'm thinking of you, but laura will cut my nuts off. Good luck fella - Craig Robinson


Go get em brother in law... - Ian


You are the best brother in the hole wide world! xx- Chris


Good Luck Mike! Ruby and Belle will be cheering you on x


Good Luck Mike lots of love Steve, Charlie, George and Mollie xxx


Darling Mike, thank you for doing this, it means so much to all of us, you are wonderful! Wishing you so much luck! Be careful!! All our love, ams, kiero and buttons :) xxx


Good luck Mike!! - Janyne & Sampath


You crazy Mudder...rather you than me. Push on through! Kate Ewer x


Good luck Smudge, have fun if that's possible and try not to hurt yourself, remember you are getting married soon! Xx - Carlie

Love you bro go go go - Lucy


Well done mikey boy. Loving your work - The Browns xx

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